We Are Family

 E.A. “Pop”Johnson,   Leonard Johnson,    Mack & Wayne Johnson    &  Chris & Chip Johnson  are the 4 Generations of our Family to serve as Funeral Directors.

Pop Johnson started the Business when there were very few Funeral Homes. He served Kanawha, Boone and Jackson Counties, in Days when  Horse and Buggies were often used and was instrumental in helping start Funeral Homes all over the Greater Kanawha Valley.

His son Leonard moved to Marmet in 1952 and began the Funeral Home that bears his name at its present Location. Serving Boone, Kanawha, and much of Southern WV, he Operated a fleet of Ambulances as well as the Funeral Home.  He worked faithfully until he died in 2000.

His sons Wayne and Mack and grandsons Chris and Chip continue in the Tradition.  

The more Things Change, The more they stay the same. 

Although the World has changed quite a bit since Pop Johnson held his first Funeral.

The principles of kindness,  hard work and dedication, and the ways we do our job have changed very little.   When you choose us to be your Funeral Home, You will experience the  same time honored care that countless others have experienced from four generations of our family.