We Can Handle all of your Pre-Planning Needs


At Leonard Johnson Funeral Home, we have payment plans that carry insurance, so that if you die before the funeral is paid, the entire funeral is covered. We accept private family insurance policy’s on a pre-need basis, and we accept lump sums or uninsured payment plans.  


So…Whether you are asked  to Pre-Plan for Medicare Purposes when a loved one goes into a Nursing Home or simply make a smart business decision to obtain peace of mind, we will make it easy. 

Pre-planning is easier than waiting Because….


Family’s are able to make difficult decisions at a time when they are thinking clearly.  There are so many Things that have to be done when a death occurs, the more you can do beforehand will ease the burden later. 


Pre-planning is less expensive (ask about our pre-need discount). When you 

   Pre-pay for your funeral you lock in the price.  A Funeral 20 years in the future will

   Certainly cost more than it does today. 


 Pre-planning is safe.  Leonard Johnson Funeral Home does not spend money accepted on a pre-need basis.  It is placed in a trust fund in the persons name, and is only drawn out, when the person dies, to pay for the agreed upon funeral or cremation. This fund can then be transferred among funeral homes.  So if you move away and are buried or cremated somewhere else, it can be paid to the new funeral home when death occurs. 


And…You Have it your way.   When a funeral is pre-paid, or you make your wishes known and you have a means to pay for it, No one can change your wishes after you die.


So Why Wait?